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The War On Black Women: Soy Causes Infertility!


Let´s begin. Soy products are making our women and men infertile. Pass this information along, please. A Brazilian study, conducted on female rats and was published in The Anatomical Record in 2009, looked at the impact of soy on their reproductive system. Female rats were fed genetically modified soy for 15 months and were compared to female rats fed organic soy or no soy [...]

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The Origin of the Facial and Other Things a Knee-Grow’s to Realize.


I’m sitting on my balcony. Enjoying my tropical escape; as anyone who decides to stop playing the game should. But like Swiss clockwork, life takes a moment to remind you, “just because you’ve stopped playing the game doesn’t mean the game has stopped playing you”. But, let’s get back to my island paradise. Palm trees, beautiful natives, and cool Breezes. [...]

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