Jamaican Slave-owners used to make their slaves shit in each others mouths as punishment

A few days ago, I was talking to a woman about sexual fetishes and where they came from. She is African and most of the sexual fetishes we discussed are not found in Africa.

Eventually, we got around to people who have defecation/urination fetishes. That’s some of the nastiest …shit…you can do to someone. So, we decide to do a little research to see where it came from.

Our search lead us to Thomas Thislewood, a Jamaican slave owner in the 1700’s who would make his slaves shit and piss in each others mouths as punishment. This was called “Derby’s Dose”.

What kind of sick and twisted person do you have to be to think of something like this?

Derby’s dose was a form of torture used in Jamaica to punish slaves who attempted to escape or committed other offenses like stealing food.  The runaway would be beaten, and salt pickle, lime juice, and bird pepper would be rubbed into his or her open wounds. Another slave would defecate into the mouth of the miscreant, who would then be gagged for four to five hours.”The punishment was invented by Thomas Thistlewood, a slave overseer and named for the slave, Derby, who was made to undergo this punishment when he was caught eating young sugar cane stalks in the field on May 25 1756. Thomas Thistlewood recorded this punishment as well as a further punishment of Derby in August of that same year in his diary.

Think about that, next time someone tells you to get over slavery, and just move on.